For almost two years now I’ve been in the routine of posting an ensemble every Friday. They present ideas that might be a useful starting point for creating outfits or even a small capsule. You can browse the archives to see all of the ensembles in one place. We’re just a couple of days away from the new year so I thought it would be fun to recap the ensembles that were the most popular. 

It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I don’t see outfits and ensembles as the same thing. To me, the outfit includes the person and the ensemble is just a collection of clothes. So outfit = ensemble + person. Presenting an outfit has the advantage of giving the full picture, which includes the hair, complexion and other physical characteristics of the wearer. But the ensemble might make it easier to imagine wearing the collection of items.

On to the ensembles: Based on your comments, the most popular ensemble for 2014 was one that combined ink, brown, grey and black. It is an easy formula to replicate in most wardrobes because of its varied neutral base, and the cognac provides some newness.

Ensemble: Ink, Brown, Grey and Black

Coming in second was an ensemble that combined grey, lilac and black. Purple is a universally liked colour, and many of you had some grey in your wardrobe to replicate the look.

Ensemble: Grey, Lilac & Black

In third place was a combination of dark red and light blue. This surprised me because it’s an unusual combination that I thought would be an acquired taste. You proved me wrong and I’m happy to see it make the top three ensembles for 2014.

Ensemble: Dark Red and Light Blue

Our ensembles are among the most popular of our posts on Facebook, consistently receiving the highest number of likes. Coming in first place is the ensemble that combined toffee, tomato, white and burgundy with 507 likes. Never underestimate the power of a shade of red.

Ensemble: Toffee, Tomato, White & Burgundy

On Pinterest the most popular ensemble in 2014 was the Business Casual Capsule for Spring, which was re-pinned 158 times.

A Business Casual Capsule for Spring

I have two personal favourite ensembles for 2014. Winter White-Out, which is a combination that I LOVE to wear, and dark red with pink and orange, because it’s the most vibrant and bright of the lot. 

Ensemble: Winter Whiteout

Ensemble: Dark Red with Pink & Orange

Finally, although it was posted in 2013 I have to mention our most liked and pinned ensemble to date: Classic Fall Casual. It was re-pinned 532 times with 569 Facebook likes. Go Modern Classics!

Ensemble: Classic Fall Casual

Over to you. Do you have any favourites? My board on Pinterest is an easy way to browse them all side by side.

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