This ensemble was inspired by an outfit that I recently saw in a J.Crew window. It combined white with tomato red, toffee and burgundy. It looked extra fresh for Autumn and Winter so I was excited to share it with you. Any shade of white counts, so think optical white, off-white, bone, cream, or a light stone. Animal print can be used as the toffee component of the outfit. 

There are many ways to combine the four colours. I’m getting started with three renditions that range from casual to business casual.

White Jeans, Tomato Top, Toffee Topper and Burgundy Bag

This combination is close to the one I saw at J.Crew. They also layered a white and burgundy striped button-down shirt under the tomato red pullover which looked amazing. I left off that layer here to create a more comfortable, simpler version. Match a bright red top with white jeans, and top off with a toffee blazer or cognac leather jacket. Finish off the look with cognac booties and a burgundy bag. 

If tomato red is not your colour, wear a burgundy top and leave it at that. Or wear a burgundy top and tomato red bag. Feel free to substitute the warm shade of toffee with a shade of cool taupe if that’s more suited to your complexion. 

White Sweater, Toffee Bottoms and Burgundy Shoes 

I simplified this rendition by leaving out the tomato red. Combine a pair of toffee or camel bottoms with a piece of white knitwear. I chose a trendy oversized cardigan, but any style that tickles your fancy is fab. Or choose a white tee, shirt, knitted top or blouse. Finish off with burgundy footwear and a toffee bag.  

Tomato Skirt, Burgundy Blouse and Leopard Footwear

This one is for Team Skirt. Combine a tomato red skirt with a burgundy blouse and finish off the outfit with leopard pumps or booties, and a white bag. A toffee blazer, moto or trench coat is fab as an extra insulating layer. Or turn the colours upside down and wear burgundy bottoms with a tomato top. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired. 

Toffee, Tomato, White & Burgundy

I just bought a raglan sleeve toffee turtleneck in a fluid fit from the Gap, which I plan to pair with white jeans, cognac booties, cognac belt, and my tomato red coat. I don’t have a burgundy bag, so for the moment I’ll leave out that component and wear a white satchel instead. Here’s that collection, where I substituted a J.Crew coat from their current range because my one is no longer available.