Now that temperatures are dropping, and Autumn has officially started, it’s time to start thinking about layering and how to incorporate some of our lighter-weight pieces into Fall outfits that keep us cosy and warm. Here are some ideas: 

Fab Links from Our Members

Sally’s recent post on the relationship between shame and body image reminds us that shame is a bad motivator, and that we should consider love instead. Angie agrees with Sally that body love may be a slow and hard process, but it DOES work out, and often too.

Annagybe enjoyed browsing Harper’s Bazaar roundup of this season’s smartest buys.

The New Yorker did an interesting report on plus size fashion. Anne likes red thought it was fun to read, and compare it to the more recent New York Fashion Week.

Viva loves these inspirational street style photos from Milan Fashion Week. The overalls with the bicycle, the red flowers with the grey, the men…

Laurinda came across a handy solution for “the modern gentlemen in your life”: the Suitsy, the suit that lets you get to work in a onesie.

Deborah and Sparlingo both recommend Sally’s two-part series on her recent style shift

Angie’s Star Wars T-Shirt post inspired LadyLilac to share a blog about men’s fashion. She’s found Dappered very helpful on a variety of topics, like wardrobe building, fit, clothing reviews, and so on.