My in-house fashion stylist Greg alerted me to menswear Star Wars T-shirts that are available at Target for $12.99. Although he has a very strict wardrobe palette of black, grey and blue, he fancied the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Men’s T-Shirt in raspberry. So I ordered it, and it’s fabulous. It’s a cotton blend and runs true to size. It has a close fitting neckline and tailored sleeve shape. Greg does not like tees with wide necklines and sleeves that flap about, so the fit suits his preferences. He’ll wear it very casually as a layering piece under an open, striped, long-sleeved woven shirt with scrunched sleeves and jeans. 

There are many Star Wars T-shirts and colours to choose from, and a selection in boys sizes too. Greg wanted to be a Jedi Knight back in the ‘70s when he was little, so the movies hold a special place in his heart. These tees might make a fun and affordable gift for the Star Wars fans in your life.