This outfit formula is all about modern classics. Remember though, that most classic items are not absolutely timeless. They merely have a high longevity factor, and are very versatile. So it’s important to update classic pieces so that they reflect current fashion in terms of silhouette and fabrication. That way you amp up the modern aspect of your classic style. 

I’ve chosen a neutral colour palette, but by all means throw in the colour. Add colour through the trench coat and tops, or with footwear and accessories. 

Here are the components: 

  • Jeans: Time to leave off the skinnies. Choose jeans in a straight leg or bootcut style because they work particularly well with the footwear. I’ve chosen faded blue jeans, but black, red or white jeans are also options. 
  • Top: I’ve chosen three classic tops. A white shirt, a Breton striped pullover, and a long sleeved fitted T-shirt. A turtleneck or fun graphic tee will also work. You could layer the striped pullover over the shirt for a layered look. 
  • Trench Coat: A tan, stone or camel trench coat is the most classic. But black, navy, red or a shade of white is great too. Heck, throw in a citron, pink or orange trench coat if that’s more to your taste. Single-breasted trench coats are just as fab as double-breasted styles.
  • Footwear: Choose fashionable ankle boots, iconic Converse sneakers, or add trendy wedge sneakers. 
  • Accessories: Incorporating a modern handbag is key because it makes the rest of the outfit look even more modern. I’ve chosen an unexpected light blue and a crisp shape for precisely that reason. I’ve also added in a classic plaid scarf, but any scarf pattern is fab. Furthermore, a scarf is not essential. I would leave off the scarf if it were my outfit unless I needed extra warmth. Add jewellery, eyewear and a watch as desired.


To some this outfit combination might be overly classic and a little boring. But to others it will hit just the right note. It’s a super outfit combination for Mums and casual gals on the go. It’s also great for city and plane travel.