This ensemble is about combining lilac with shades of grey and finishing off the look with black accents. Lilac and grey are cool tones that work well together, and look fresh for Winter and Spring. 

If you like purple, but pastels are not for you, choose a mid-tone purple for a richer touch. Or go with a warmer shade of orchid which is more of a pink version of lilac. I’ve shown an assortment of lighter purples here, and there are many more. I’ve also shown an assortment of greys so take your pick. 

Combine these colours for both dressy and casual combinations. Here are the components:

Bottoms: You’re after trousers and skirts in any shade of grey. Think false plains, tweeds, pinstripes, jacquards, sparkly lurex, and very tonal patterns alongside solid colours. Grey jeans are another good option. 

Tops: Choose any style of light purple top that works with the silhouette of the bottoms. From knitted tops and shirts, to blouses, T-shirts and knitwear. Leave the top untucked, semi-tucked, or fully tucked at your discretion. 

Footwear: Black footwear is an easy addition, but not the only option. Sci-fi silver, pewter, grey or zebra patterned shoes work well too, as will textured black footwear. Think booties, tall boots, pumps, loafers, oxfords, or ballet flats.  

Topper: Grey or black toppers are a slam-dunk. A black moto is a great option over a lilac top worn with grey trousers. A grey blazer is fabulous over grey jeans. Mixed media toppers are fun, as are black and grey pinstripes and tonal colour blocked black and grey jackets. Black or grey outerwear like wool coats, trench coats, sweater coats, denim jackets and puffers are other options. 

Accessories: Wear a black or zebra patterned belt if you’re semi or fully tucking the top. Finish off the outfit with a black handbag, although sci-fi silver and deep purple bags work well with the palette too. Silver hardware is lovely here because it keeps the shades cool toned. Add jewellery, eyewear and a scarf as desired.

Grey, Lilac and Black

Feel free to wear a grey dress with a lilac topper. Or turn the formula upside down and wear lilac bottoms with a grey top. Mix in the pattern if that floats your boat. Mix all sorts of wardrobe items together within the grey, lilac and black colour palette.