The announcement that the number of fashion bloggers allowed to attend New York Fashion Week would be substantially dialled back, caused quite a stir last year. Now Refinery29 is investigating how the world of blogging has changed, and what’s in store for today’s fashion bloggers.
In the same light, BoF published an Op-Ed piece asking “why are ‘fashion bloggers’ immediately seen as being amongst the most disposable part of the industry and the first to be booted from the tents?”.
Fashionista takes a look at the financial side of things with a report about the unexpected costs of being a fashion blogger.

Fab Links from Our Members

La Belle Demimondaine thought it was interesting to see this blogger’s 2013 purchases summed up visually. This way it’s easier to see the consistency of her style, plus it will probably make one far more aware of what they have purchased. La Belle is now considering doing something similar for herself this year.

Garance Doré did a blog post on why men don’t always have it easy. “Poor guys!”, says Deb.

As a follow-up to last week’s poll about women’s dress in Muslim countries, Isabel loved this article in The Daily Beast about young Muslim women taking on fashion.

Angie reports that Catherine over at Not Dressed As Lamb has asked several fashion bloggers why it’s great being a 40+ blogger. Our Angie was included in the roundup too!

CocoLion loved Stella Ishii’s stories about Rei Kawabuko and Martin Margiela, and thinks the website overall is a must-read for denim fans

Annagybe likes how Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style approaches the dreaded mutton dressed as lamb question.

Laurinda had to smile about the Onion’s satirical take on the Golden Globes ceremony, reporting that all celebrities wore identical grey full-body unisex jumpsuits in an attempt to shift the focus again towards the craft of acting and filmmaking.

Vildy has been thinking about accessories and likes the 10 point accessory system explained in this blog post, because it identifies focal points of interest in our outfits.

E is loving the travel-themed lookbook, interesting layering and silhouettes, and vintage sensibility of Ivey Abitz’ latest collection.