This palette is one way to transition Summer into Fall because the colours represent a little of both seasons. The richness of dark red and cognac paves the way to Autumn. The light blue and white is a nod back to a crisp and fresh Summer. 

Combining shades of dark red with shades of light blue is at the heart of the ensemble, and there are many, many ways to interpret the formula. I’m kicking things off with three options to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve used cognac instead of black and grey to create a softer effect against the rest of the colours. If the warmth of cognac is not your cup of tea, opt for taupe as a cooler shade of lighter brown. Remember that faded denim and chambray counts as light blue.

Here are their components for each variation.

Red Dress with Faded Denim  

Choose any style of dark red dress and pair it with a faded denim jacket. Fluid and boxy denim jackets look more current these days, but a snug denim jacket will also work if that’s what you have. Finish off the look with a light blue bag, and ink or cognac footwear. Or throw in matching dark red shoes. 

Red Top with White Jeans & Light Blue Scarf 

I love dark red matched with shades of white. Remember that you can wear white or cream jeans year round, so all you need is a dark red top and light blue scarf to complete the look. I’ve chosen a cropped pullover to wear with roomy boyfriend jeans. The light blue scarf adds an icy cool effect to the richness of the red. The cognac footwear and belt warm up the palette. 

Red Skirt with Light Blue Blouse 

Choose any style of dark red skirt and pair it with a light blue top that works with the silhouette of the skirt. A chambray shirt or light blue sweater are good alternatives if you don’t have a light blue blouse. Finish off the look with cognac, white or dark red footwear and bag. A denim jacket, white moto or blazer works well as a topper. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

There’s ample opportunity to wear dark red with shades of grey, black and cream as we head deeper into Autumn and Winter. In the meantime, remix dark red with Spring pastels and Summer brights, just for fun.

Dark Red and Light Blue