pic 1 Dark Red and Light Blue
This morning ensemble post inspired me to dig in my closet in search of dark red and light blue! My light blue selection is pretty limited as it was less than a year ago I discovered that it actually suits me and began to add it to my wardrobe. Interestingly I always knew that dark deep red suits me but somehow it mostly evaded me so I was not sure if I can use the formula today. Then I remember that I do have a dark red dress - I usually wear it in cool weather but this summer is cool enough.
Remembering Aida's rebellious outfit with midi wide culottes, longer fluid sweater and flats I decided to rebel to and added my oversized faded denim moto (light blue!) and flat leopard loafers to continue the cognac theme from the belt. I may be kidding myself but I thought it is just flattering enough and felt good all day!

pic 2 Navy Stripes and Shades of White
I am so happy I got this Zara cream jacket as Angie's shameless copycat - I love it so much! Ideally I would like it to be a bit longer but I found that I like this length paired with longer tops and pants - or with dresses and skirts.

pic 3-4 Blushing Tuxedo
I really like the tapering we did for these tuxedo window pane trousers. They were supposed to be slim fit but I sized up and got them tapered for a completely different look. I prefer this outfit sans jacket but I need a topper for my A/C office. What do you think of this pairing of faded denim biker and these trousers and shirt?

pic 5 Plaid and Mesh
I bought this mesh polka dot sweater in Madewell several years ago and this summer I have not worn it at all. I decided to wear it this day - and it went to the Goodwill bag in the end of the day. The mesh is too large, the length is too long (awkward to semi tuck), the sleeves stretch out during the day and I do not feel fab in it. I think it looks better in the picture than IRL - out!

pic 6 Bright blue, ink and polka dots
I wanted to wear my polka dot midi flared skirt AND bright blue Zara blazer this day. I was not sure which top to layer under the jacket and was considering white but in the end decided to go with ink linen tee (waving to Suz). The tee is pretty oversized and not welted so I twisted one side and semi-tucked it to get more structure.

This was my week at a glance - thanks for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are much appreciated.
Have a great weekend and enjoy summer until it is over!

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