You have such a wonderful style Sveta, all of these are amazing. The red and blue outfit is smashing, and something about #2 just speaks to me.

Your style has been hitting an all time high lately, I said "wow!" with every ensemble you posted! You are looking glamorous, chic, and naturally effortless in every outfit you have put together. Wonderful!

You have the best sense of style Sveta. Everything is tip-top with just the right blend of polish and effortlessness.

Thank you ladies for the compliments - they made my day today (and yesterday)!
Colette, I would be happy if my outfit inspires you to wear yiur mesh sweater - and I hope to see it too!
Inge, this blush blouse is from Ann Taylor, not JCrew Adn you are right, these plaid skinnies are amazingly versatile!
Reneeb, unfortunately the silver flats are not the most comfortable shoes. They are OK but not stellar.
Windchime, I wear a black wide belt with pants in #3: otherwise they won't stay in the place. Beacuse of the black colorblocked belt of the pants The only belt I like with them is black.

Oh what fun, you had another fabulous week Sveta!

LOVE #1, wow. The flats are superb with the outfit, and both the conventional and the rebellious side of me thinks so ^^ Also totally dig that oversized tan studded clutch.

#2 is graphic fabness, the jacket length is great with the longer length top. (Actually, I want to steal every piece in this outfit!) The back looks especially dramatic with the shorter jacket IMO.

Totally adore the pants in #3, your alterations were spot on. A slouchy blush look? Right up my alley. I quite like the gray satchel with this, for some reason it's unexpected but so perfect a pairing. Adding the faded biker jacket somehow makes it look even slouchier, even though normally a jacket adds structure. I like the look best without the jacket personally, but the jacket works nicely and that version looks good too.

The idea of the top in #5 seems good, and the color looks like it'd especially pair well with those jeans, but hey if it's too fussy and feels unfab I'm glad it's out. Also, all of your looks with those jeans are making me extra itchy to pull mine out! But I keep reminding myself I'll have 6+ months to wear them, so I'm being good and enjoying my summer wardrobe while I still can. You're giving me lots of ideas!

Going with the ink top in #6 was clever and looks very trendy to me with the pairing of the light-bordering-pastel blue blazer. That's how I plan to wear my dark colors this fall/winter, with pastels. The nude and natural sandals are a great foil to the dressy skirt.

Aida, I always enjoy your detailed and thoughtful comments and usually go like: " Ah, this is why I like this outfit! Now when Aida explained it is perfectly clear to me!"

Hah, happy to help Your outfits make me happy, too.

Do you iron, Sveta? You look so not rumpled. Lol, says the perplexed innately RATE rachylou

It also amazes me how much I like the plaid jeans on you and how much I hated them on myself.

love those tuxedo pants! could you send me a PM and tell me more about them? You look GREAT in every pic!

Rachy - lol! I do iron because wrinkled after wash clothing makes me feel unfab. I guess I am not RATE at all.
quietgirl, I bought these tuxedo pants in Long Tall Sally last year. They were staright leg but I sized up and got the hems tapered for this fit. Unfortunately I have not seen anything of this style and fit in the stores