I just loved Angie's blog post today. For me, 2014 was the year of the working wardrobe -- the first time in my life when I actually had enough clothes in my closet and enough options to wear more than just a couple of variations of the same outfits again and again. So the almost-weekly ensemble posts were a revelation and a much-needed opportunity to play. I tried versions of almost all of them. Even if I was travelling! Unless I simply did not have anything in my closet that came close to the inspiration, I gave it a shot. I started really looking forward to Fridays.

Here are my versions of the most popular ones.

1. Ink, brown, grey & black.

2. Grey and lilac. This is actually a new version. I can't find last year's on my computer but here were my outfits.

3. Light blue, dark red, white -- copied from Parsley!

4/ 5. This is one I hadn't actually tried yet, so I am wearing today. Tomato is underrepresented in my closet. My toffee is closer to taupe or tan So...the bracelet has tomato red in it. My socks are also tomato red. I'm actually wearing #5 today. Sorry for the photo quality -- light is wonky.

6. Winter white out -- most recent iteration, worn yesterday!

7. Dark red, bright pink, and orange. Magic scarf to the rescue again!

8. Modern classics.

9. One of my personal favourites -- sparkly sweater dressed up or down.

But honestly, I have so many favourites -- MOTG statement sweater (11), relaxed pencil skirt with pullover (12), denim skirt refresher (10), lilac, toffee & white (13), cropped sweater over longer top (14), MOTG cardigan, jeans, booties (15), urban equestrian (16) ...and that is just from this autumn!

As LisaP mentioned the other day, it's also fun to go way back in the archives for more ideas -- most of those outfits look as fresh today as they did a year or two ago, and if not, a few tweaks is all it takes to bring them up to 2015.

Thanks to Angie for providing us with endless inspiration.

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