This outfit formula is for Team Bright Clashing Colours, and another way to transition dark red into Autumn. And if the brightness of the formula tickles your fancy, sport the look right through Winter too. Combining dark red with bright pink and orange clashes right up to the point where the shades work in harmony (at least they do to my eye). 

Yes, we can match dark red with neutrals like black, grey, white and ink blue. That’s a slam dunk classic combination that’s always a goodie. But an unexpected colour combination can be quite exhilarating.

Feel free to use all shades of bright pink (from neon to fuchsia), and all shades of orange (from Dutch orange to rust). If combining dark red with pink and orange is too much for your system, choose one of the two and add more neutrals. 

There are many, many ways to combine shades of dark red with bright orange and pink. I’ve started the ball rolling with three outfit renditions, each with a different colour top so that you can choose which version is most flattering against your complexion. 

Dark Red Jeans with Orange Top & Pink Scarf

Reinvent burgundy jeans with a top in a shade of orange and add a bright pink scarf. Or pair burgundy jeans with a fuchsia top and finish things off with an orange scarf. I’ve chosen cognac and taupe as the neutrals for this palette because they’re warmer than black and grey. Tan, cream and chocolate work well too. So finish off the outfit with footwear and bag in one of these neutral shades. 

Orange Skirt with Dark Red Top & Pink Accents

Pair a skirt in a shade of orange with a dark red top. Finish off the look with a bright pink bag and shoes. If pink shoes are not your thing, choose a pair in cognac, taupe or tan. Or throw in some leopard print. Adding a pink scarf to the outfit and sticking to brown shoes and bag is another way to go. 

Jeans with Pink top, Orange Belt & Dark Red Accents

Combine a pair of blue jeans with a pink top and orange belt. Finish off the outfit with dark red shoes and bag, and a taupe or cognac jacket. If the orange belt is too much, leave it off and sport the outfit as is. Or sport a cognac or animal print belt to represent the orange component of the outfit formula. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Dark Red with Pink and Orange

I don’t have any cool dark red in my wardrobe because I’m a warm tomato red gal. But seeing it matched with bright pink and orange (or even tomato red), makes me want to wear it. The delicious colour combination reminds me of Benetton ads of the ‘80s. 

United Colors of Benneton