I could fill a book with all the fabulous moments we had on YLF in 2014, but three stand out the most. 

The YLF Gathering in Boston

Greg and I went to Boston for a business trip in the Spring, and before we knew it, a group of YLF East Coasters from the US and Canada had organized a gathering. To say we had a ball shopping and sharing at the meetup is an understatement.

To top it all off, the trip coincided with YLF’s 8th birthday. The group organized a delicious surprise birthday cake, which included the names of our late and beloved doggies, Jasmine and Rosie. It was an emotional and touching moment. THANK YOU Fabbers, for making our time together in Boston very memorable. 

The Introduction of YLF Finds

We launched the new Finds feature in May. I was excited about the reception Finds would receive from YLF members, but a little unprepared for how much I would enjoy using it myself. I now have a tool that allows me to visually collect items that I like, create a shopping list, and record the ones that end up in my closet. It has organized my shopping process just beautifully.

Finds also makes it much easier to create and present visual collections of items (like my top picks, or outfit ensembles) around the site. I can recommend items to individual members, or share items with a group by attaching them to a post in the forum. And I’m able to see what tickles your fancy by browsing your YLF finds, which is interesting and informative. Thank you Greg for creating a feature that I appreciate more every day. 

September’s Epic Gathering in Seattle

Within minutes of our announcement that Inge would be flying in from Belgium, YLF members started posting their travel plans on the forum. I can scarcely believe how the Seattle gathering to celebrate Inge’s visit unfolded. Over 30 YLF members joined us from all over the US, and further afield from Canada and the United Kingdom.

It was a magical four days filled with fabulous fashion, food and friendship. At one point during the gathering, I stepped away from the crowd to observe it from afar, and my eyes watered with joy. I was blown away by the beauty — both inside and out — of the group. Those who could not join the festivities were definitely with us in spirit.

Inge’s month-long stay at the Cox Castle was in itself a highlight of my year. The opportunity to spend quality time with a close friend is a gift. 

To cap things off, YLF recently passed 100,000 likes on Facebook. A lovely way to end the year.