Since launching the new YLF Finds feature a few weeks ago we’ve made several updates, including support for many more stores. Today we added quite a big improvement that is worth explaining in a bit more detail. 

On every Find (like the one to the right of this paragraph) there is a little icon at the bottom left of the card that you can click or tap to get more information about that item, like its department, the people who have collected it and posts that mention it. Now you will also see a few additional buttons near the bottom of the popup that will allow you to share the item and recommend it to other members.

Recommending Items

If you look at the information popup for an item you will see a new “Recommend This” button. Sending a recommendation is a simple three step process:

  1. Click “Recommend This”.
  2. Type the name or username of another user in the text input box that appears. Select the correct person from the list that appears below the box as you type.
  3. Type an (optional) note and then click the “Send Recommendation” button.

The steps are illustrated in the screenshots below. 

Recommend an Item

New RecommendationsIn the example above I sent a recommendation to Angie, using an item that Laura collected. Angie will see a little red notification in the user menu to alert her that she has a new recommendation.

If she goes to the Finds area she will see the recommendation under the “Recommended” tab. There she can reply to me using a private message by clicking “Reply with Message”. If she likes the item she can collect it in the normal way — by clicking the little heart on the top right of the item’s card.

In this case the neck is a little wider than she likes, so she will probably remove the item from her “Recommended” page. When she hovers over the item a little “×” appears that she can use to do this.

Recommended Tab

Other Ways to Share Items

We have added a few other things to make it easier to share items. First, alongside the “Recommend This” button you will see a new “Post About This” button. Clicking it will start a new forum post with the item already attached. So it is essentially just a convenient way to write about an item in the forum.

Second, below “Recommend This” and “Post About This” we have added a row of buttons that allow you to easily share the item on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or via email.

As always, we hope you enjoy the new features, and please let us know if you have any difficulty using them.