As 2014 draws to a close it’s a good time to reflect on one’s style goals. Updating my eyewear was a top priority this year, and I did just that in January with a new pair of apple green specs. This was hands down my best style purchase of the year. I’ve worn them every day since I got them because the green makes me so, so happy. The pop of colour allowed me to wear more tonal neutral outfits than ever before. 

The next two goals were equally important to me. One: to continue wearing outfits that were Simple, Modern, Clean, Dressy and Bold. Two: to continue adding a soft and refined element to my look while marrying my favourite style personas, Modern Classic, Trendy Fashionista, Androgynous and Punk.

Of the outfits that I posted on YLF during 2014, the ones below were my favourites. No hard-edged looks with black and grey. Equal parts Ladylike and Androgynous. A good amount of structure and classic patterns. Closed shoes with pointy toes. Lots of light neutrals, pink, and the occasional statement with bright clothing. Ink blue was my black, and cognac accents were a hit as the year progressed.

Although the outfits look quite different, there is common ground between them. Each one combines old and new wardrobe items, high and low-end pieces, and tailored and fluid fits. I much preferred carrying a small bag this year because it felt less fussy. My outfits were also more neutral than my looks in 2012 and 2013 because my green specs provided a satisfactory dose of colour with each outfit. I was able to wear dull colours like stone and oatmeal quite easily thanks to lively apple green specs and brighter lipstick.

I am clearly a jeans and trouser gal, and enjoy wearing white jeans best of all. But I have a soft spot for flared, knee-covering skirts because I LOVE the way they swoosh as I stride. I will also continue to have a soft spot for updated classics as I use them to ground the trendier pieces in my outfit.

Over to you. What were your favourite outfits for 2014? Were there big game changers to your style this year?