Autumn hit Seattle over the weekend and I’m back to combining jeans and trousers with tops, toppers and booties. But we’ve had a gloriously warm Summer so I’m not complaining. I’ve been able to wear my new Summer clothes for months and enjoyed every second of it. It’s been a novelty leaving off the topper in most of my Summer outfits this year because it’s been hotter than usual. I loved the change and appreciated the heat. 

I’ve had a pair of dressier blush trousers on my shopping list for years, and was delighted to find them this season. Rebecca Taylor’s suiting trousers are a throwback to the ‘80s, which pulled at my heartstrings right away. They are pleated, baggy but not overly slouchy, and on me a little scrunched at the tapered hem. I adore the side entry pockets. The zippers are polished and tidy, and the waistband sits just below my natural waist. I immediately loved the fit and drape of these trousers when I tried them on. If these weren’t the smallest size I might have also tried a size down just to make the comparison. For a more snug fit take a look at them on ShopBop’s model.

They crease a little more than I had hoped they would (I ironed them directly before putting them on to take these photos and still there are a few visible creases). But all in all, I’m thrilled with them and they were worth the wait.

Entrance - Full

Entrance - Close

I’ve worn my new blush trousers quite a bit over the Summer, both to work with clients and out to dinner. I’ve only worn them in the two combinations you see in this post. The blush bottoms work with other tops and shoes in my wardrobe, but I much preferred them with these two white shirts and my white pumps. I see no reason to create new outfit combinations when I’m happiest repeating my favourites. But when I tire of these outfits I will mix things up. 



SAM Wide

I’m hooked on fluid and oversized fit tops because they look the most current, so most of my top capsules at the moment reflect a roomier silhouette. That said, I held on to a few older tailored shirts just in case I was in the mood to wear one again to create a more structured look. I’m glad I did because I loved pairing my old fitted white Karen Millen shirt, a birthday present from Greg, with these trousers. It has fun details like a mesh back and pintucked shoulders, which subtly amp up the ‘80s integrity of the outfit. I wear a white tank top underneath the shirt because of the mesh back, which also makes the white shirt look more white. 

Side - Full

Back - Close

White pointy toe pumps and my Rosie satchel add a ladylike touch and further structure to the outfit. My green specs and slightly darker lipstick add an extra dose of happy colour. I went with gold watch and wedding ring because I wanted to match the gold zipper of my satchel instead of the silver zippers on my trousers. 

Tuxedo Shirt

Tuxedo Shirt - Side

The second rendition pairs my Summer wardrobe essential, a boxy white tuxedo shirt, with the same pink trousers and white pumps. The only way to wear both shirts is fully tucked to showcase the waistband and zipper detail of the trousers. With the baggy tuxedo shirt in particular, tucking provides more structure, as does scrunching the sleeves. Partially tucking the tops hides the waistband of the trousers, which I want to showcase because I like the fit. So it’s full tuck all the way. I paired my two season old citron clutch, an absolute workhorse, with the tuxedo shirt combination for an even more current vibe, and to repeat the sour shade of my specs. 

Tuxedo Shirt - Close


I don’t have a preference between the two outfits. The first is slightly more classic, and the second slightly more fashionable. Both are equally dressy, relaxed, comfortable, and made up of new and old wardrobe items. I will miss wearing these trousers now that it’s cooled down, but I’m glad I gave them a little workout for three months. 

It’s my late Mum’s birthday today and she would have turned 73. Antique pink, which is similar to the blush pink of these trousers, was her favourite colour. So posting this outfit is well timed, sentimental and celebratory. We hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend.