This is my take on the Urban Equestrian formula that I described in a recent ensemble post. It’s version #2, “Glitzy with Tweed & Jodhpur Boots”, and one of my favourite outfits for Fall. It’s less authentically equestrian and darker than the more classic version I recently wore with white jeans and a pink clutch. I don’t usually prefer a darker outfit, but in this case the gold jeans, cognac accents, green specs and redder lipstick go a long way to brightening up the black and grey. 

Glitzy Equestrian - Jacket Side

Glitzy Equestrian - Jacket Back

Glitzy Equestrian - Jacket Full

I’ve mentioned before that I love combining new and old items in outfits. The Prada Chelsea Boots and Gap Merino Turtleneck are new this season, but the rest of the items are older. I’ve had the Kate Spade gold jeans for a couple of years. The grey Smythe equestrian jacket and brown studded Michael Kors belt are going into their fourth season. I’ve held onto the black Chanel clutch for twenty years, so it’s my very own little vintage piece. 

Glitzy Equestrian - Jacket Close

I like both my Smythe equestrian jackets best over a simple turtleneck. That keeps the focus of the outfit on the impeccable quality and cut of the jacket and not on the top underneath it. I chose a fashionably fluid black turtleneck to create a lower contrast against the gold jeans, and more conventionally flattering proportions. The jacket looks great in motion because the tail kicks out as I stride. And although it’s a warm jacket, I can keep it on indoors like I would with a blazer. That’s good news because the jacket IS the outfit in this case.

Glitzy Equestrian - Jumper Close

Glitz Equestrian - Jumper Side

Glitzy Equestrian - Jumper Full@2x

The gold jeans add an urban touch. A pair of black jeans or cigarette pants would have looked more classic and refined, and I will happily wear that combination too. But the disco glitz is a fun juxtaposition with the countryside tweed and elbow patches of the jacket.

At one point I thought about leaving off the studded belt, but that looked sloppy. The belt finishes off the outfit, making it look neater and more polished. And equestrian style is all about looking tailored and polished. I chose my studded cognac belt because the studs blend into the gold of the jeans, thereby creating a low contrast between the two items. Furthermore, belting the outfit (and faux tucking the turtleneck) makes it look better when I do need to remove the jacket.

Glitzy Equestrian - One Shoulder

Glitzy Equestrian - Shoulders

The gold jeans are ankle length, and I wish they were longer. But adding ankle boots with a longer shaft is a great little trick that visually lengthens the jeans, so I’m sorted. I chose my Prada boots because they look like little jodhpur boots, amping up the equestrian vibe of the outfit. The clutch, although vintage, brings back more of an urban element. Watch, wedding ring and my specs are all I need in the accessories department. 

I have worn this outfit out to dinner a few times recently, and I’ll probably sport it again before the start of Spring. I love repeating outfits that make me feel extra fab, and see no reason to remix pieces for the sake of change.

Glitzy Equestrian - Relaxed

Glitzy Equestrian - Bridge