There is no stopping the cropped pants trend for Autumn and Winter, and it’s even bigger for Spring 2013. If you prefer regular length trousers like I do, this is not the best fashion news. I can’t tell you how many pairs of trousers I’ve absolutely adored, but rejected because I wanted full leg coverage. 

But there is a full coverage solution for cropped pants: wear taller booties. I’m already putting this trick into practice with boyfriend jeans that barely cover my ankle bone. But those boyfriend jeans aren’t all that cropped to start off with, so I didn’t need a tall bootie. 

The photos below illustrate the concept well. The first picture shows cropped pants with a pair of high heeled pumps. Lots of ankle skin exposure.

Here are the same pair of cropped pants with a pair of taller booties. Instant coverage. Keeping the booties a low contrasting colour, like matching black booties with charcoal  pants, lengthens the leg line. 

There will be leg exposure when you walk or sit because the pants will creep up. The way to remedy that is with a pair of dark socks, or to wear a mid calf length boot. That way you’ll cover even more of the pants, thereby tucking a part of them into the boots.

Below is another example of a pair of cropped pants that have been lengthened with a pair of taller booties. The contrast between the brown trousers and black booties is low, once again, to create a longer leg line.

Perhaps you’ve got a pair of cropped pants that you didn’t think you could wear in colder weather. Well, with a pair of taller booties you can.