Your worst colours are the ones that do nothing to brighten your complexion, bring out the colour of your eyes or capture the hues that run through your hair. Unflattering colours can make you look a little dull or grey, sometimes overly yellow or overly pink, wash you out, and even make you look sickly. 

My worst colours are beige, stone, flat light grey, most shades of camel, most shades of olive, and taupe. I look awful in what I call “dirty colours”, which are muted shades that have been mixed with grey to dull the effect of the pure hue, like mauve and sage green. I also don’t look good in eggplant, oxblood, maroon and burgundy. 

That said, I can wear light grey or beige when it’s shiny and has an iridescent quality, in which case it’s more of a silver or gold. I can also wear a very dark olive, and some pastels like crisp light blue, peach or baby pink.

When I shop with clients, it still amazes me how a particular colour can look sensational on them and desperately drab on me. Just last week I was with a client who wears oxblood, camel and light olive with the best of them. Yet those colours are disastrous against my skin tone. 

Which are your worst colours?