Here is the outfit that inspired last week’s flared jeans ensemble. I wore it out to dinner a few weeks ago on a dry and sunny Seattle Spring day. The flared jeans have a casual bohemian ‘70s vibe, which is not my usual style preference. So making them work with my style descriptor — modern, crisp, dressy, bold and simple  — is key. 

It’s a very simple outfit. Jeans, untucked pullover, pumps, coat and clutch. No belt, tucked top, layers or jewellery, unless you count my green specs. Not only is the outfit combination simple, but the individual items are simple because the silhouettes lack bells and whistles. The lines on the garments are clean which makes the luxurious fabric and craftsmanship of the pieces stand out even more. This is where I’m at on this leg of my style journey. I’m choosing even simpler designs so that the quality and clean lines of the pieces that I wear make a stronger statement. 


Coat - Side

Coat & Bag - Full

I often suggest adding a wild card to your shopping list, just for fun. An item that is atypical for your style persona but speaks to you in some way. These new J Brand Love Story Jeans are my wild card for the season, and add a new denim silhouette to my jeans capsule. I’m an ‘80s tapered leg jeans gal who favours straight legs and boyfriend jeans over all other styles. Although I love wearing dressy bootcut and wider trousers, I do not like wearing bootcut jeans. I tried the newer baby bootcut styles that were less wide at the hems, but didn’t like the break line over low heels. Then, on an absolute whim, I tried jeans with a more dramatic flare and instantly fell in love. It helps that Greg loves them too. 

Jumper & Bag - Full

I prefer the wide flare on these jeans because they drape so well over low heeled pointy toe pumps. The break line looks polished and the proportions more elegant to my eye. I like to wear flares at floor sweeping lengths, which to some might look too long. As Queen Pedantic About Pant Lengths I am non-negotiable about this length. The hems must almost skim the surface of the ground. To my eye, anything shorter is too short and anything longer is too long. 


I bought the sparkly ink blue Marc Jacobs pullover when we were on holiday in Las Vegas last year. It’s very delicate and sheer so I have to wear a tank underneath. I like the juxtaposition of the dressy sparkle with the faded denim. The fluid fit is on trend, while the welt provides structure. The snug fit on the thighs of the jeans provide further structure and balance out the width of the flare. I left the top untucked because that’s how I like it best. This does shorten my leg line, especially since the top is high contrast against the jeans. Wearing a tucked top with a belt would visually lengthen the leg line. But I’m going with just flattering enough and leaving it at that. 

Jumper - Close

Jumper - Full

Spring in Seattle is chilly, so a Spring coat makes sense. My shocking pink man coat works just as well in Spring as it does in Winter, and adds a bright bold touch to the outfit. I found that I like my flared jeans best with a short jacket like a moto, cropped tuxedo jacket and cropped boxy peacoat. Or with a long knee-length coat. The in-between classic blazer lengths don’t work quite as well with the lines of the flares, nor do they feel as modern when paired with this retro style of jean. 

Coat & Bag - Close


I finished off the look with low-heeled white pumps and a clutch to emphasize the crisp and modern. High heels are not an option for me, so a two inch heel will have to do when wearing flares. Closed pointy toes are hands down the best pairing for flares to my eye because the peek of toe box is just right. It elongates the line of the jeans and looks pretty. The flares cover up most of the shoe so you need to love the pointy part of the shoes. I’m also wearing nude knee-highs to keep my legs warm. Specs, watch and wedding ring are all I need in the accessory department. I accidentally left off my wedding ring for this photo shoot, but of course wore it out to dinner with the outfit. 

The outfit looks nice in motion because the flared hems swing a little as I stride, as do the fronts of the man coat. The flared hems worn at this length have not hindered my ability to walk fast, which is an added bonus. That means I can wear these jeans on shopping days with clients. But they are reserved for dry days because soggy hems are awfully unpleasant.

Madrona Drive

Bus Stop