As a devoted fan of the forever versatile button-down, I enjoyed reading Lauren Laverne’s take on why it’s worth investing in a decent shirt.

Jess Cartner-Morley over at The Guardian has tips on how the wear the white shirt that thinks it’s a T.

I also had fun browsing these shirt roundups and inspiration posts:

Fab Links from Our Members

JillG points us to this interesting post on the Vivienne Files about calculating optimal wardrobe size.

Shoes really do have an expiration date. Laurinda was surprised to learn that injection-molded polyurethane soles — as comfortable as they are — only have an expected lifetime of 4-5 years.

This article about the deadliest fashion trends throughout history makes Isabel feel so grateful for 2014.

While Vildy doesn’t agree with all of Danielle Meder’s points, she enjoyed reading her post on silhouettes and signals that compares the current top heavy silhouette with the slouchier ’70s style bottom heavy silhouette.

Angie enjoyed browsing through six pages of avant-garde designers at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Deb would love to visit the London Garden Museum. They are currently having an exhibition about Fashion & Gardens and how seasonal cycles affect both.

T-Magazine discusses the feminine side of men’s fashion. Vicki adds that she wouldn’t mind wearing a few of these designs herself.

Anna thought this was an interesting analysis of Atlantic-Pacific’s Blair Eadie’s success.

As a Mum of a teenage girl, Ummlila found this article on ugly selfies fascinating. For her daughter, she says, “it’s all about owning your look whether beautiful (which she is) or not (she can make some horrifying faces when she wants to)”.

Diane recommends checking out Catherine’s tips for taking outfit photos with a point-and-shoot camera.

Jules would like to share this article on who is designing and manufacturing the large volumes of fast fashion garments in the US.