Today is as good a day as any to think about your style goals. An in depth analysis is a worthwhile exercise if you’re stuck on where to start or what to do next. On the other hand, if you have a good handle on your current style and like the direction you have chosen, a more intuitive, incremental approach will be just fine. Either way, your style goals should always be flexible

The goals can capture ANY part of your style journey. From shopping, editing, outfit creation, budget and closet goals, to a new grooming and skincare routine. It might be about where you shop, when you shop, or which colours, silhouettes and patterns to wear more frequently than others. Specific goals I’ve seen include:

  • Keeping your closet tidy.
  • Taking daily photos of your outfits.
  • Repeating outfits more frequently.
  • Repeating outfits less frequently.
  • Wearing belts more often.
  • Going grey.
  • Adding blue streaks to your hair.
  • Planning your outfits ahead of time to relieve work week stress.

Absolutely anything that you want to achieve as it relates to your personal style can go on your list. The list can be long or short. It can be quite general, or very specific. You can write down your goals, or keep them in your head. 

I’ll start the ball rolling by sharing a list of my own style goals for 2014, some of which are continued from last year:

  1. To wear Simple outfits that are Modern, Bold, Clean and Dressy. I’ve highlighted these words because they’re the set of adjectives I’ve chosen to define my style. Interestingly, they are the same adjectives I used back in 2011. They still feel right so there is no need to change them.
  2. To continue adding a soft and refined element to my style while I marry my favourite style personas, Modern Classic, Punk, Trendy Fashionista and Androgynous, into a cohesive style that is age appropriate and attractive. 
  3. To update my specs because they are my most important accessory. 
  4. To NOT over purchase in Spring because that’s my shopping weakness
  5. To NOT purchase items with too much design detail because I tire of the aesthetic.
  6. To NOT purchase too many black and grey wardrobe items. 
  7. To NOT purchase any more body hugging pieces. As far as possible, tailored is as tight as I want to go this year, although I will continue to wear the tight pieces in my wardrobe that tickle my fancy. 
  8. To add more ink blue to my wardrobe.  
  9. To continue purchasing warm knitwear while it’s trending because it’s extremely practical for my lifestyle and climate. And because I love knitwear. 
  10. To continue mixing high-end and low-end pieces in one outfit. 
  11. To continue exploring the world of trousers and looser fit jeans because they’re better suited to my climate than skirts and dresses when you run as cold as I do. 
  12. To make my own style journey and those of my clients a fun and rewarding experience. After all, the main reason I’m giving this any thought at all is because it’s a fun hobby, as well as my profession. 

I’ll refer back to these goals during the year as I add to my wardrobe and create outfits, thereby staying focused and evolving in the right direction. As always, I look forward to the new year, and the adventures that lie before us. Each challenge is an opportunity to find a solution, so onward we go. 

Over to you. Have you thought about your current style goals? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section because I’d love to hear them.