I’m still loving all my trousers, but am also in the mood to wear skirts again more often in 2014. That’s why I enjoyed browsing these leather skirt looks, I’m especially drawn to the full midis.
If you like to change things up and are looking for an alternative to smooth leather, then have a look at this crinkled leather Refinery29 roundup.
This Huffington Post article confirms that vegan leather continues to gain popularity. The improved quality, affordability and the movement towards socially conscious shopping all play a role in this.

Fab Links from Our Members

Dianthus enjoys browsing framework, an online magazine with interesting articles on both fashion and decorating.

At the start of the new year Bridgette Raes’ post on considering fashion and style as it relates to your goals really resonated with Aquamarine.

Pil found this excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article about online retailers and the cost of returns very interesting.

Angie thought it was fun to flashback to 2003 trends and compare them to what happened ten years later. 

For the thrifters among us, Joy wants to share this NYT article about the prevalence of high-low style in 2013.

Vildy likes to think about the meaning behind clothing and the Clothes on Film website contains lots of links to articles about and interviews with costume designers.

Adelfa found this article about why women have so many clothes and how it’s so easy to get it wrong a fascinating read.