Here’s a summary of my posts on skirt fit and styling in one place for easy access. We’ll cover basic skirt silhouettes, flattering lengths, and how best to match them with tops and footwear. 


Generally, skirts can either be straight or flared and both shapes are equally great. Here’s the lowdown on the forever classic pencil skirt, which is best worn in a tailored or body con fit. Full skirts evoke a myriad of emotions. To some they convey flirty fabness, whereas to others they are prissy, overly sweet and juvenile

Pear and inverted triangle body types wear flared skirts particularly well, but there is a flared skirt style for everyone. Pencil skirts work on all body types, but the fit on the waist and down the side seams might need to be altered. Sometimes we need to taper the hems to create a more flattering visual effect.

Speaking of waist adjustments, here’s how to stop those skirts from shifting around your midsection. And although this is not essential, shapewear can smooth out your skirt silhouette


Most women find skirt lengths around the knee the most flattering. For some this means above the kneecap, whereas for others it’s on or just below the knee. This length makes sense because the knee marks the midway point on your leg, thereby achieving balanced visual proportions. The midi skirt, although it’s my favourite skirt length, can cause feelings of dumpy frump. Here’s how I address midi skirt apprehension and some more details on how to wear midi skirts with sass. Casual maxi skirts aren’t my favourite skirt length and here are the reasons for my point of view

Pairing Skirts with Tops

Here are five basic top styles to wear with skirts. Pencil skirts are easy to pair with tops because wearing body con, tailored and oversized fits with a sleek bottom makes for a flattering combination. Flared skirts, on the other hand, are often orphaned because they tend to be trickier to match with the right top. The short and fitted untucked top is flop proof with a flared skirt, and here are 13 more top pairings for full skirts.

Wearing cropped sweaters with skirts is another great look. And here’s how to wear coats over flared skirts

Pencil skirts can look very “bombshell”, which has its pros and cons. If you don’t feel like showcasing all your curves, here’s how to take the bombshell out of a pencil skirt. You can further de-bombshell a pencil skirt by wearing it with a chunky knit pullover.

Pairing Skirts with Footwear 

Wearing skirts with tall boots requires finding the right combination of skirt, skin and boots. Here’s more on achieving a flattering look with skirts and tall boots.

Wearing booties with skirts has revolutionized the boot and skirt business. Here are basic guidelines on how to achieve flattering proportions. But despite these guidelines, many feel that wearing booties with skirts is not for them. We thrashed out those thoughts again three years later, and shooties have become a great footwear alternative to the bootie. But the jury is still out on whether wearing booties and shooties with visible bare legs is flattering.

And don’t ever think that you can’t wear flats with skirts. Of course you can. 

Last but not least, enforce the skirt rule when you purchase a new skirt. No more orphans! 

If you have any questions about skirt fit, skirt lengths or how to wear skirts with tops and footwear, feel free to post them in the comments section and let’s get you sorted.