Pencil skirts have been the skirt silhouette for many seasons. They are a versatile classic and often very form fitting. 

Form fitting silhouettes have their structured advantages. Their tailored integrity is attractive and achieves a polished appearance. Match a curve hugging pencil skirt with a form fitting top and high heels and you’re on your way to bombshell status. This is an undeniably alluring combination. And one that works every season. 

On the other hand, looking like a bombshell may not be your style aspiration. If this is the case, you’ll want to take some of the bombshell-factor out of a pencil skirt. Matching the slim silhouette with an untucked roomy top is one way of reducing the body conscious effect. As seen in these photos, the tops can be long or cropped, soft or rigid. Some tops are more voluminous than others. Some tops are more dressy than others. You’ll probably find that soft boxy tops are more flattering because of their ability to drape against the body. Boxy poncho type tops work well with pencil skirts too. 

When I suggest the pairing of an untucked roomy top with a pencil skirt, some of my clients are very receptive, while others have their reservations. Understandably, the curvier and fuller busted ladies are less inclined to wear boxy tops because it’s makes them feel larger than they are. Interestingly, it’s also often the curvier ladies who felt “too bombshell” matching a form fitting top with a pencil skirt in the first place. But never fear. We find other clothing silhouettes and outfit combinations to tone down the bombshell-factor, and that’s a topic for another day. 

How do you feel about matching roomy tops with pencil skirts?

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