As I’ve mentioned before, midis are trending big time. If, like me, you like to wear skirt and dress lengths that fall a few inches below the knee, stock up on the silhouette. Make up for several seasons where skirts and dresses were too short for your style. 

If you prefer to wear hemlines above the knee, go for it. Shorter knee-length and mini skirts will absolutely be available in retail stores. And you will not look dated amongst the oh-so-on-trend midi.

I find that most women fall into a third category when it comes to midi lengths. They’re open to the trend, but they worry about feeling dowdy and frumpy. This is a completely understandable reaction. Embracing the midi is hard when you are surrounded by people who never stopped wearing them — and do look dated. If this describes your feelings about the midi, here are some suggestions:

  • Ease into it. If flared midis scare you, start off with form fitting styles that are just over the knee. They tend to feel less dowdy.
  • Update the support acts. Remember that when fashion repeats itself, it’s a reincarnation. Although the silhouette might look similar to what you wore the last time it was popular, the new items are different, with new fabrications, trims and colors. More important than that, the new items are worn differently this time round. Therein lies the secret to wearing the “new midi”. Make sure that you add a modern edge to the outfit and pair it with the right footwear.
  • Give yourself time to adjust. Persevere with the longer silhouette. You might find that all of a sudden, the length looks refreshing, elegant, hip and “new”. It’s weird how that happens, but our eyes adjust to things after seeing them over and over again.

How do you feel about the midi length skirts and dresses that are taking the fashion and style world by storm? Are you already wearing the longer lengths, or will you stick to on and above the knee styles? Think you’ll brave the potential frump factor and explore midi territory?