Some style books suggest sticking to heels with skirts and dresses to ensure a flattering leg-lengthening look. That doesn’t mean sticking to stacked four inch heels when a two inch wedge or platform heel works just as well. I agree that frocks and skirts look fantastic with heels, especially when they’re on the dressier side. It’s a flop proof outfit formula that makes a fabulous impression.

But I also love the look of skirts and frocks with ballet flats and flat sandals. It dresses down the outfit to casual, practical and less fussy. Wearing flats does shorten the leg line, but if you have proportionately long legs, it’s no problem. If your legs are on the short side, raise the hemline to either right above the knee, or a few inches above the knee. This will make your legs appear longer.

I often wear flats with frocks and skirts and not just in a casual sense. I’ll go as far as adding dressy flats to a dressy dress. I adore wearing flats or shoes with a one inch heel, AND I adore wearing skirts and dresses. For me, marrying the two items in the right way is a perfect solution. Am I alone in liking flats with skirts and dresses? Do you feel dumpy if you don’t wear heels with this look?

Tory Burch 'Patricia' Silk Twill DressiconRebecca Taylor Halter DressiconCap Sleeve Shirt Dress

The first dress is dressier than the others, but looks just as fab with refined, flat thong sandals. The hemline of the second dress is below the knee, which isn’t quite as flattering with flats. It doesn’t look bad, but a shorter length dress would look better. The third dress is a mini. A super Summer look for younger gals with killer legs.