I love vibrant, saturated colours, but neutrals hold an equally special place in my heart. They often freshen up or tone down an outfit, adding the crucial element that makes it all work together. Their versatility makes them a very hard working component of a wardrobe. Clothing can also look its best in a neutral colour, especially if you’re after an ageless and timeless sense of sophistication.

Over the years my preferences for specific neutrals has changed. In my teens, white was my favourite neutral. That changed to black in my twenties with white and cream coming in second. In my thirties my preferences changed again and this is how I rank my neutrals today:

  1. White and cream
  2. Black
  3. Blue denim
  4. Red
  5. Silver grey

Red is a bright, but acts as a neutral in my book. Blue denim is a fabric, and a colour at that, but its ubiquity has made it a neutral in the modern wardrobe. Silver grey is a new neutral in my wardrobe and I’m enjoying its soft and pretty possibilities for Spring and Summer.

My wardrobe would not function without neutrally toned clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. They provide a strong foundation that works with every fashion trend and retail season. Simply brilliant. Your turn. How would you rank your favourite neutrals and have your preferences changed over the years?