This is the second Spring season that I’ve embraced light grey as a neutral and I’m loving it. It’s softer and lighter than black, charcoal, navy and brown and just as versatile. Along with white it’s my favourite neutral for warm weather.

Silver grey sounds blah and boring, but to my surprise its cool and fresh integrity works beautifully. I like it best worn with white and/or a colour (bright or muted). And the white can be in the form of an accessory like a handbag or beaded necklace instead of an article of clothing. If you add black into the mix, be sure to add white at the same time too. This prevents your ensemble from looking and feeling Wintery.

As a fair skinned blonde who looks best in bold, sour colours, I used to think I looked dreadful in a silver grey. But I’ve found that wearing it with oomph through texture and sheen makes all the difference. If I wear light grey on its own, the fabric has to have luster and texture. And If I wear a flat light grey, I have to mix it with white and a bright. So it just goes to show that you cannot see colours in isolation. Wearing a so called dull colour in the right way can be flattering.

Flat silver grey brought to life when worn with white and a bright. If you wear muted colours better than brights, opt for that combination instead.


Textured silver grey items: a subtle herringbone on a waistcoat, sheen and ruching detail on an anorak and colourful embellishment on a silk blouse. All of these items are once again shown with white. White makes everything right!