My skirts fit well when I’m standing still, but they shift around when I move. I end up with the front somewhere on my side after a minute of walking. It drives me batty. I’m constantly pulling skirts back into position. Once my ensemble is on, I don’t like to fuss with it.

The penny dropped when I realized my high-waisted skirts stay put. Their waistbands lie on my natural waist above my navel. I promptly took my skirts for alteration. I had their waistbands taken in, which moved the position of the waistband higher. The end result was fuller coverage and a snugger fit around the waist and tummy area. It worked like a charm.

The alteration costs about $15, which I found well worth the price. Your mileage may vary – the higher waist is a different style and not for everyone or every skirt. Also, beware of losing length. This alteration shortens a skirt by one or two inches, so make sure you have length to play with before you move up the waistband.

Do you battle with shifting skirts? Any other tips on how we can prevent this phenomenon?

Splendid Roll Waist A-Line SkirtClassiques Entier® Denim Skirt Diane von Furstenberg 'Cougarette' Stretch Cotton SkirtDiane von Furstenberg 'Marta' Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt

Left: Skirts with lower waistbands like these tend to shift when I walk. I found that the silhouette of the skirt makes little difference (pencils and A-line styles both shift).

Right: Higher waistbands like these shift to a lesser extent. I tend to prefer skirts with higher waistbands because I find them more comfortable (whether I tuck in my top or leave it out).