I was surprised and delighted that the second flop-proof formula for Moms on the go went down as well as the first. I never expected casual skirts to be a hit. The third and final look in this series is about the casual dress. I expect this outfit to resonate less than the first two because dresses are often thought of as fussy and impractical.

Here are the new elements:

  • Casual dress: You’re after a casual A-line day dress that finishes at the knee. Machine washable knits that hang dry are the easiest to maintain (polyester or poly blends). Woven cotton, cotton blends and linens are lovely but require ironing and are therefore more effort. By all means wear rayon and silk blends if you’re prepared to take laundry to the cleaners.
  • Camisole: Add a cami for coverage if the neckline is too low. It can also act as an interesting colour vehicle.

The rest of the formula is identical, but I’ll reiterate it here for convenience:

  • The best bra: Remember to refit annually or when your weight has changed significantly.
  • Cropped cardigan: It’s often chilly in the morning, later at night, or in the air-conditioning. Adding a cropped cardi keeps the silhouette structured yet unfussy. It’s also easy to fold up and pop into a tote.
  • Fab flats: Casual ballet flats, thong sandals, strappy comfort sandals, gladiators, slip-on sneakers, espadrilles or low wedges will do the trick. Stay away from anything too clumpy. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing a bit of a heel if you can run around in them. You know I draw the line at flip flops unless you’re in the appropriate setting.
  • Handbag: Keep it healthy and make the size and shape work for you. A flat tote is the obvious choice, but if you need both hands free to attend to little ones, a sling bag is the solution.
  • Accessories: If you wear specs sort them out first because they are your most important accessory. If you wear a watch, that’s next. Go for something with personality. Choose between statement necklaces or earrings but don’t wear both at the same time.

Breezy dresses are great for hot weather. They are one item of clothing to think about in the morning  (separates are two or more). A-line dresses are particularly good on pear shaped body types and a must on curvier gals. Would you sport this casual look?


You don’t need to be a stay-at-home-Mum to apply these dressing formulas. They’ll work for any casual setting. I singled out “Moms on the go” because I receive a huge volume of requests for this niche of lifestyle dressing. Remember not to get too hung up on the specific items I’ve posted if they’re not to your taste. Apply the formula according to your fashion persona and Bob’s your uncle.