The demanding lifestyle of a stay-at-home-mother (SAHM) requires casual, comfortable and practical outfits. Fortunately there is a formula the superhuman SAHM can follow for appropriate and stylish dressing. All it takes is the right pieces.

The no-nonsense SAHM often has a preference for pants (casual skirts and dresses are an equally casual and comfortable ensemble choice and I’ll touch on those possibilities in a future blog entry). Cropped pants therefore take center stage for the flop-proof SAHM Summer look. Match them with a sweet top, fab flats, a great handbag, one statement accessory and Bob’s your uncle. Start ticking off the list:

  • The best bra: Remember to refit annually or when your weight has changed significantly. The majority of women are still in the incorrect bra size.
  • Cropped pants: Choose clamdiggers or walk shorts in denim, cotton or a cotton blend. Please wear them at a flattering length (somewhere between the top of the knee and the widest part of the calf) .
  • Casual top: Move away from T-shirts and step it up with casual tops instead. Make sure they are long enough. The right length keeps you covered and creates a contemporary edge.
  • Cropped cardigan: It’s often chilly in the morning, later at night, or in the air-conditioning. Adding a cropped cardi keeps the silhouette structured yet unfussy. It’s also easy to fold up and pop into a tote.
  • Fab flats: casual ballet flats, thong sandals, strappy comfort sandals, gladiators, slip-on sneakers, espadrilles or low wedges will do the trick. Stay away from anything too clumpy. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing a bit of a heel if you can run around in them. I draw the line at flip flops. This is not a good look unless you’re by the pool, at the beach or lounging at home.
  • Handbag: Keep it healthy and make the size and shape work for you. A flat tote is the obvious choice, but if you need both hands free to attend to little ones, a sling bag is the solution.
  • Accessories: If you wear specs, sort them out first because they are your most important accessory. If you wear a watch, that’s next. Go for something with personality. Choose between statement necklaces or earrings but don’t wear both at the same time.

For more inspiration, check out the YLF forum. Stylish SAHM’s like Dani, Becky, Julie and Shannon post their daily outfits. They have their fab Mummy style down.

Share your secrets stylish SAHM’s. I’d love to hear suggestions on how to improve this formula.


Don’t be discouraged if these styles aren’t to your taste. Just apply the formula to your own fashion persona, colour preferences and body type.