All T-shirts are not created equal. They have to be well made and fit perfectly to look good. The best are interesting tailored T’s that are longer in length and made of thicker and better-end, cotton-rich fabrications. These drape well and add structure to the body. Good quality basic T’s are fine when used as layering pieces under jackets, shirts and knitwear. Adding a camisole to this look adds depth and interest.

There are also good casual alternatives to the T-shirt:

  • Knitted tops look better than T’s because they’re styled and made of superior knitted fabrics (not T-shirt fabric). I encourage the purchase of knitted tops over T-shirts because their appearance is more refined, which becomes more important as you get older.
  • Knitwear is my favourite option for a casual dress code because these items always look great if they’re tailored in the right places. Both chunky knits and finer knits work well.
  • Woven tops like soft, fitted button down shirts or casual cotton and linen blousie tops are super and especially good for warm weather.

It’s hard to accomplish a stylish appearance in a T-shirt. They’re either overly clingy, too short, boxy, adolescent or just plain unattractive. They don’t launder well and look sloppy fast. Ever-so-stylish Jennifer Aniston gets the T-shirt look right because she has the perfect body, a polished look, and top notch accessories. Be very discerning when you wear T-shirts and add them to your wardrobe. If you don’t look terrific in a T, wear something else. You have many other casual options to choose from.