Camisoles are an extremely important part of your wardrobe. Cropped, rigid, highly lacy, shiny and often itchy cami’s sold in underwear departments are no longer the norm. The camisole has transformed into an unfussy, longer, softer, more stretchy and superbly comfortable item that’s part of everyday outerwear. After a proper bra fitting, finding a range of camisoles that work for you is the next step.

Camisoles are fabulous because

  • They smooth out your silhouette underneath your clothes, thereby giving you a slimmer and more polished appearance.
  • They make an outfit more interesting when the top and bottom peak through from underneath (either through a contrasting colour or fabrication).
  • They act as a flattering layering item by deflecting the eye to your upper body.
  • They give you effective coverage when you bend over (both on top and bottom).
  • They can make ultra trendy looks wearable.
  • They keep you warm when it’s chilly.

There are countless options. From built in-bras, solids and prints, to v-necks, lace trims and breathable cotton-rich fabrications. Express, Nordstrom and Banana Republic have a particularly good assortment at the moment. Try the concept if it’s new to you. If you already sport the look, ensure that you have a good collection. My wardrobe wouldn’t function without them.

Cotton Camisole Seamless Metallic Tunic Cami Stretch Cotton Cami

Basic, longer camisoles are available alongside most clothing ranges.