It’s interesting that different product categories tickle our fancy to different degrees when we shop. Some of us love to shop for shoes and bags, while others prefer to shop for skirts and dresses. After being in the fashion game for ages, I have concluded that this is a very personal thing, greatly influenced by individual and regional differences.

Here’s my personal list, ordered from best to worst:

  • Favourites: jackets, bags, tunics, coats, blousie tops and knitwear
  • Least Favourites: shoes (particularly Summer shoes), bras, skirts, socks and workout wear

I feel the cold quickly, so it is a good thing that jackets and coats are high on my list. On the other hand, a fashion stylist who doesn’t like to shop for shoes is not the norm. I love looking at shoes and dressing my clients in them, but it’s become increasingly frustrating shopping for my own shoes. Fussy feet and fabulous shoes do not go hand in hand.

I’d love to hear your list. I suspect that it will be quite different.