High fashion retailers in the USA are selling brightly coloured, ultra skinny jeans and my Euro sources tell me that this style is all over London, Paris and Germany too. I saw glimpses of this denim movement last season and also when I was recently in Spain. It’s a scream. I owned red, turquoise and fuchsia pairs with ankle zips 25 years ago.

Apparently the idea is to treat this silhouette more like leggings than pants this time around. So you’re supposed to wear these lurid skinnies under tunics and dresses instead of tops. Either way I’m bypassing this trend; but I’ll admit that I’m strangely attracted to the look because it’s a hilarious blast from my ‘80’s past.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this trend appeals to today’s teenyboppers and youngsters because it’s so different to most of the silhouettes they’ve been exposed to for the last two decades. I wonder what’s next. Home perm kits and crimping curlers perhaps?

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My prediction: this look is a fad that’s going to disappear after one season.