Blokes, its time to move on from pleated khaki’s or chinos. This is a dated look. So much so that Banana Republic has eliminated pleated styles completely. Most department stores continue to stock pleated chinos because they sell to gents who are none the wiser.

Opt for flat front chinos instead. They’re a lot more flattering and will work for every age and body type.

  • Dress them up smart casually with a tucked button down shirt + undergarment T + dressy shoes + matching belt
  • Dress them down casually with an un-tucked T or polo shirt + fashion sneakers.

Flat front chinos are classic and preppy. I wouldn’t call them funky, trendy or sleek, but they’re a pretty decent smart casual look that’s often appropriate in a conservative work setting if dressy jeans are not permitted.

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Pleated chinos are passé.

Slim Fit Flat Front Clean KhakisRelaxed Pin-Dot ChinoRelaxed Dawson Chino

Flat front chinos are current and flattering.