Undergarment T: a neat, form-fitting short or long sleeved t-shirt that’s found in the underwear area of a department or chain store.

It is not an outerwear garment and should not be confused with one. The T usually consists of combed cotton (richer and softer then normal cotton) and sometimes a percentage of lycra for added comfort. Its neckline is high, narrow and immaculate. It can have either a cru or V-neck and is available in a range of colours. White is the most popular and versatile colour; but black, grey and blue are close seconds.

It’s an essential item for men all year round because it is:

  • Practical – it soaks up perspiration and prevents unsightly underarm patches. It’s also an extra layer for warmth.
  • Comfortable – it’s nice to have a soft and stretchy knitted item close to your body before you add a shirt, pullover, sweater or outergarment T.
  • Pristine – it makes you look neat, well groomed and put together – it’s like a “finishing touch”.
  • Interesting – it adds an extra bit of interest to an ensemble as a layering garment.

Plain outerwear T’s bought in the clothing sections of stores do not do the same job. They aren’t as soft, fitted or pristine-looking which is precisely the point. Undergarment T’s should always be worn underneath collared shirts, styled knitted T’s, sweaters and other knitwear items. If you live in North America – Banana Republic has the best assortment.


Here are undergarment Ts from Banana Republic layered underneath shirts and knitwear. The neat, high neckline is an important part of the look.