Pearls in all their forms are by far my favourite piece of jewelry. There isn’t a lady that I’ve seen or dressed who doesn’t look perfect in pearls. A classic strand might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but pearl necklaces come in an abundance of shapes, sizes, styles, colours and lengths. Beaded pearl necklaces needn’t represent the familiar “Jackie–O” vision – they can be funky too. The key lies not only in what strand you choose, but how you combine them with your outfit. Think outside the box.

  • Choose oversized pearls for a more playful look
  • Choose stands that are combined with plastic beads or other types of stones
  • Wear pearls with a biker jacket
  • Wear pearls casually with jeans, fashion sneakers and layered tops

Whenever I’m stuck on how to accessorize – I reach for either my short chunky pearl choker, or my oversized longer set as a last resort. However, pearls are often also my first choice because they seem to offer what designer Carolina Herrera calls a “neutral finishing touch”.