Body warmer: a sleeveless cropped jacket 

I have only ever known this item as a “body warmer” in the fashion industry – precisely because its function is to keep your torso warm. However, I believe that these funky urban items are also referred to as “vests” here in America. Skiers, snowboarders, equestrians and hikers are used to wearing this item for practical purposes while engaging in sport – perhaps in polar fleece or down. This season, designers have taken the liberty of making them a fashion statement (but not in polar fleece dear Seattleites!).

They are available in an assortment of fabrics, colours and silhouettes and depending on your age, lifestyle and fashion persona – there will be an appropriate option for you. Body warmers are casual items that are best paired with jeans, casual pants, corduroys and casual skirts. They are modern, practical, often reversible, and the perfect layering item for pretty pear shaped body types. Add a body warmer to your wardrobe this autumn and feel sporty with style.

These body warmers with an urban edge are from Nordstrom.