People are stylish in different ways. This is because personality, age and lifestyle are all variables in the mix. Have a look at the fashion personas below and have fun identifying your own (you might find that you’re a combination of a few):

  • The modern classic – you are preppy, but with a modern edge. Other then the odd stripe, you prefer solid colours.  You are most comfortable in updated tailored items, twin sets, knee length skirts, button down shirts, dark blue jeans and plain pumps.  Your look is simple, feminine, appropriate and understated.
  • The artistic eclectic – you like novelty and selectively choose fashion trends that tickle your fancy, often ignoring key looks that everyone else has latched onto. You may prefer to dress exotically if you are inspired by a particular culture. Your accessories are unconventional (often vintage), and you always find creative ways of matching them with your ensemble.
  • The sporty natural – you are an outdoorsy, low maintenance type of girl, who is usually athletically inclined. There is often a tomboy element to you and you generally don’t like to shop. You live in jeans, shorts, plain t-shirts, shirts and appropriate sportswear for hiking, rock climbing, kayaking or working out.
  • The bohemian hippie – you are an earthy flower child. You love empire lines, peasant blouses ethnic jewelry and flared leg pants. You’ll often have long wavy hair and enjoy the opportunity to be creative. You don’t follow trends, but certainly have a playful style all of your own.
  • The trendy fashionista – you are a fashion trend tracker and usually the first to sport a new fashion statement. You are passionate about fashion and love to shop. You are fearless when it comes to mixing colours, fabrics, textures and prints. You are always well turned out and ready for a change when the new season comes along.
  • The funky urbanite – you are retro and shun anything that looks polished and pristine. You like your clothing to look worn and embrace practical messenger bags and fashionable walking shoes. Your neutral colour palette is sophisticated and your style uncomplicated and efficient. You are often edgy and can even look a bit gothic at times.

Your personal style begins and ends with a strong sense of yourself.  Enjoy making your style unique, interesting and flattering for your body type.

PS. Feel free to leave a comment telling us which persona is closest to your personal style.