Don’t obsess over the number on the size tag. Rather obsess about the fit and length of your clothes.

  • Stylish people wear clothes that fit them perfectly. This doesn’t mean that they have perfect bodies – it means that they have good tailors.
  • Size specifications are different for each brand. Clothing sizes in different stores (and even different departments within the same store) are not created equally. You will need to experiment to find the correct sizes that fit you in different stores.
  • The fit is different for each brand. Different brands target different body shapes. A certain size in one store might fit you perfectly, whereas the same size in another store just doesn’t look right. Again, you need to experiment to find the stores that work for you.

So it’s common to have at least 3 different sizes hanging in your closet. Forget about the size number and shop for clothing that fits you correctly. The point is not whether you are a size 4, 12 or 18 – the point is that you look fabulous in your clothes!