Ladies and gents, if you wear spectacles it is imperative that they are the absolute best pair of frames for your face and eyes. If you have little interest in updating your wardrobe, at the very least set aside time to purchase a new pair of glasses every year. It’s best to have your eyes tested annually anyway, so treat yourself to a new pair of specs when you go. Your specs are the most important accessory that you own. My husband and I wear specs most of time as we can’t get our minds around contact lenses. Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about buying and wearing specs which you might find useful:

  • Spare no expense – sacrifice something else if you have to. You need to have the best when it comes to your eyes and you are worth it.
  • Shop around – it doesn’t matter where you buy your frames; you just need the correct guidance whilst doing so and specialty stores are usually best. There is tremendous variety out there and you’ll want to have lots of options even if you do end up going back to the first pair that you tried on.
  • Make the statement – a pair of fabulous specs will always make a statement. Your style quotient will increase instantly when you have them.
  • Accessorize correctly – this is something that ladies need to bear in mind. There is a tendency to “over accessorize” when wearing specs. You want people to focus on your face alone. Having too many things around your face draws people’s attention away from your eyes.
    • Earrings: limit them to a dainty stud/hoop or refrain from wearing any at all. I never wear earrings – my specs are enough of statement.
    • Necklaces: limit them to one around your neck, as opposed to multiple
    • Brooches: one on your coat or jacket is enough
    • Hair: keep hair bands discreet
  • Consider having multiple pairs – having a few pairs to select from is a good idea. That way you won’t get bored and you’ll have a spare.

Make your specs spectacular. Not only will you see the world better; the world will see the better you!