If you’re going to go un-tucked, then tops that look good with skirts are not the same tops that look good with pants or jeans. Length is the key issue:

  • Skirts look best with tailored tops that are shorter in length. This is especially true of A-line skirts where it’s imperative to accentuate the waistline (volume on top of volume doesn’t work). Keep the hem of the top on or just above hipbone depending on where the waist of the skirt sits on the body. A longer top worn out over skirts looks disproportionate and sloppy.
  • Pants look best with tops that are 1 to 3 inches above crotch point (unless it’s a tunic, which is a completely different look). A longer vertical line is achieved, which is especially effective on pretty pear body types. You can find your personal best length with some experimentation. Height, torso length and thigh width come into play.

Occasionally you’ll get away with wearing a longer top with skirts by adding a waist-cinching belt. This shortens the length of the top and the right proportions fall into place. You could also tuck in a longer top. It’s a little harder to do, but there’s a lot of that going on this season. A topic for another day.

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Shorter tops worn at flattering hipbone length with flared skirts.