More and more men and women are omitting watches from their wardrobes because they can check the time on their mobile phone.

I feel naked without a watch. It is a no-nonsense accessory that completes a look like no mobile phone can. In fact, I have several watches that I like to change daily, weekly and seasonally. It’s a fun and subtle way to mix-up an ensemble. There are signs that phones are becoming stylish too, but I’m not convinced that they will be fashion accessories in quite the same way as my chunky white watch.

And the watch on my wrist is more convenient. This may have something to do with the fact that I’m a little obsessed with the time. I look at my watch 100 times a day and can’t imagine having to reach for my cell phone instead. In my life, wearing a watch is as practical and necessary as putting on specs.

Perhaps I am old fashioned, and the mobile phone is replacing the watch as the single piece of technology that is with you all the time. Do you view your phone as a functional, but fashionable accessory? Has it replaced your watch?