Last week I asked about the jeans in your closet. So many people shared detailed information that we thought it would be fun to summarize the results.

First of all, how many pairs of jeans do you own? The largest group of people own between one and 5 pairs, with almost the same number of people between 5 and 10 pairs. This seems reasonable if you wear jeans regularly. Note that there were also people at the extremes (one person had zero pairs, and another had 48), but those are excluded from the chart below.


On the color front, most people stuck to a dark blue wash, which is definitely the most versatile and cost effective choice. I was delighted to see that of the non-blue jeans, white and cream was the most popular choice. Black and grey followed soon after. I have a hunch that black-black jeans are going to make a comeback sometime soon.

color-breakdown.jpg blue-v-other.jpg blue-breakdown.jpg
Breakdown of non-blue jeans Split between blue and non-blue jeans Breakdown of blue washes

The chart below shows the brands that were mentioned three times or more. First surprise: There were more than 50 brands represented in our sample. Second surprise: the popularity of Levis amongst our top brand contenders. I have spent an exhausting amount of time in Levis stores trying unsuccessfully to fit myself and my clients into their jeans. They do have good fits for men though.


No surprises with the styles…

  • Bootcuts were the forever flattering and fashionable favorite. They cut across, age, body type and fashion persona and are always a good, safe choice. It’s a rule: when in doubt, opt for boot cuts.
  • Skinnies and straight legs were next in line. For some, straight legs are “their version of skinnies” because they offer a similar sleek silhouette. I’m happy to see this look gain popularity. It’s contemporary, mainstream and practical. You know I’m a big fan.
  • Wide-legs and flares were less popular, which does not surprise me. It’s a hard look to wear.


Overall, a great mix of brands, styles, washes and duplications. Well done you stylish lot.