The answer to this question depends entirely on your lifestyle and your preferences. Can you wear jeans to work? Do you like to wear jeans? Do you wear jeans every day?

  • If you wear jeans every day you’ll need at least four pairs. Five if you don’t do laundry often. You can vary the lengths and washes as you wish, but ensure that you have options for flats, heels and smart casual dressing.
  • If you can’t wear jeans to work but like to wear them outside of work, you’ll need to have at least two pairs. Both pairs preferably dark blue (for maximum versatility, the slimming effect and the fact that they will fade anyway), and at different lengths – one for flats and one for heels.
  • If you seldom wear jeans you should invest in a single pair in a dark wash. Commit to either flats or heels and then buy them at the appropriate length.

If you have more than five pairs of jeans hanging in your closet – make sure that you actually wear all of them. If you don’t, ask yourself why not, and either have them altered or pass them along to somebody who will wear them.