It’s extremely important to sport a healthy handbag. One way of ensuring this is to carry a simple flat tote that’s no deeper than one to four inches. You’ll keep the dramatic and fashionable effect of the oversized-tote-look, but without the weight (if you’re disciplined about keeping the contents of your handbag to a minimum). Hardware, bells and whistles, slouchy styles and wide handbags tend to be bulky and heavy, especially if they’re leather.

If you stick to a slim, streamlined tote that’s no bigger than the size of your upper body, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to stride comfortably as you go about your day. This style of tote was all over the streets of San of Francisco when I visited earlier this year. Urbanites like to keep it practical, funky and stylish. My type of handbag.

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When a handbag is simple, let the colour and fabrication do the talking. Patent or cracked patent leather or faux leather adds depth to this look and are my favourite options.