Whenever I visit San Francisco I’m impressed with the high style quotient. This weekend was no different. Daytime street fashion was a uniform of jeans, trench coats, ballet flats or fashion sneakers, and funky accessories.

  • Denim was either boot cut, straight or skinny.
  • Trenches were short or just above the knee.
  • Trapeze jackets and tailored blazers were a popular alternative to trenches.
  • Ballet flats and Converse sneakers were everywhere.
  • Large flat totes ruled supreme.
  • Trendy specs were in abundance.
  • The colours were black, white, cream, tan, grey, red, brown.

There were no heels or wide-legged pants, and very few T-shirts to be seen. I only spotted three people wearing their pants too short.

Things slipped once I was back at the airport. Velour sweats, oversized-T-shirts, clingy cropped hoodies, yoga pants, pajama pants, crocs, hiking boots, polar fleece, fanny packs, flip-flops, thick white athletic socks and big athletic sneakers were everywhere. And I stopped counting how many men and women were wearing their pant lengths too short.