Chunky knit pullovers add a lot of extra bulk so I was surprised that so many people like the trendy item. The positive response made me think that I should share this particular outfit combination right away. You might have the pieces in your wardrobe already so get cracking! 

Match a pencil skirt with a chunky knit pullover just like the photos illustrate below. A leather or leather trimmed pencil skirt is ideal, but most pencil skirts in an Autumn fabric weight will work. Shorter pullovers tend to look best. Fitted silhouettes will probably make you feel more streamlined, although I’m liking the cropped boxy pullover just as much. Add in a somewhat refined, ladylike heeled pump or bootie and a dressy bag to keep things feminine. Scrunch the sleeves to showcase some skin for an alluring touch. Throw on a coat, trench coat or furry vest if a third layer is required. Add a little arm candy if desired. You’re done. 

This outfit combination was not love at first sight for me because initially I thought it had a tendency to look frumpy, or unintentionally fashion forward. But it has grown on me a lot, and now it looks fresh and quite modern to my eye. My favourite aspect of the look is how it de-bomshells the pencil skirt

Who is going to try this outfit formula? Do you think it’s appropriate for an office environment?